Monday, June 3, 2013

Princess Place paint out kicks off the summer

If you have not visited Princess Place Preserve in Flagler County you owe yourself a visit! It's easy to get to, just south of the St. Johns County line, the Bunnell exit, exit 298, off I-95. The turn for Princess Place is just a couple miles off the interstate. The turn that is, of course. Once you turn down the road you are on a long sandy stretch of road that seems to go on and on and on.

Trees line the road on either side, and bird sing sweetly and raucously on all sides. You might even catch a sight of other wildlife, such as this curious deer along the side of the road. Just when you think you can't possibly have to go any farther you come to a *second* sign for the Preserve, and then continue on another long stretch of sandy road.

But eventually you arrive! And are rewarded was an inspiring vista of the Matanzas River, and a lovely old lodge on the riverbank, with rocking chairs on the porch you could spend the morning on.  We were blessed with excellent weather too, sunshine and a light breeze, and the heat and the thunderstorms held off until well after our morning had passed.

About a dozen FCPS members showed up for our last get-together before the summer break. Many took some time to look around for the "just right" spot to set up their easels. There were certainly plenty of spots along the Matanzas River.

There were also shady walking trails leading off into the woods, dappled in sunlight and shadow.

Also trails leading along Pellicer Creek, with towering cumulus clouds adding lots of interest to possible sky scenes.

One could even set up right at the picnic grounds, which was where we all gathered at noontime for lunch, artistic fellowship, and a chance to share our work of the morning.

We even had canine participants.

We all brown-bagged our own lunches, and had fun sitting together, and talking about our mornings, and our upcoming plans for the summer. And afterwards those who wanted to took turns showing the works they had started, or even finished, during the morning's paint-out.

Although Princess Place was a long drive for many there was no one who felt the miles were not worth the trip, truly a treasure of a place, fit for a princess. We hope everyone has great summers, and keeps dusty! We look forward to new adventures with the First Coast Pastel Society in the fall.