Tuesday, March 18, 2014

March meeting

We had a great meeting at the beginning of March. Our upcoming member show will be juried via jpgs, and we have members not familiar with this process. So our whole meeting was devoted to showing them how it can be done, and indeed even doing it for them. We met at the Cultural Center of Ponte Vedra Beach, a very nice facility indeed. There were 22 attendees, a very good turnout!

Thanks again to Carron Wedlund and Jimmy Blackwell for providing us with a wonderful "brunch" type spread for a Saturday morning. We had two guests to assist us this morning, Pablo Rivera and Suzanne Picket.

Pablo is an amazing photographer. Members could sign up in advance to bring their paintings in to be photographed, and then Pablo set them up to photograph, and gave tips and pointers to those of us who didn't bring paintings with us, so we could photograph our own work.

Suzanne is a graphic designer, and she took the photographs to the next step - showing how one can crop and tweak and modify the photographs to try to create an image that looks as much as possible like the original artwork.

She used Photoshop to modify images, set the proper DPI, crop, etc. Members who brought paintings will each get a CD with their completed works on it, which can just be mailed in for our upcoming member show.

Members who still haven't entered - the deadline is April 1. The entry form is here on our blog. Let's try to get a great participation for our member show. Remember - this show will also be traveling to the Larrimer in Palatka if you choose, so you get double exposure for your work at no additional cost to you.