Friday, February 22, 2019

Anthem Lakes Opening

We had a lovely opening at Anthem Lakes earlier this month. They have a beautiful central atrium, two stories high, for displaying artwork.

The facility provided us with a lovely cheese and fruit tray for the reception as well as beverages.

Show chair Janelle Wagoner and our President, Carron Wedlund, both worked hard at getting the show hung, and it looks great.

But was it the rainy weather? Was it the far distance? Was it the Super Bowl?

Whatever it was we, sadly, had quite a small turnout to admire our work at the reception.

But those who attended had a nice time, got to enjoy the show, and enjoy the cozy publike setting where the reception itself was laid out. 

But all who attended, as well as many of the residents, got to cast their votes for the People's Choice award. The winner was Kari Keene for "Misty Morning Pasture".  Here are all the paintings in the show. The lighting there was pretty good for avoiding glares, but I apologize to those whose paintings still caught glare anyway.