Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Our recent Nancy Nowak workshop

Once again the FCPS has hosted an excellent workshop with a great instructor. This year our instructor was Nancy Nowak from Atlanta.

Her work is beautifully impressionistic, and she spends a lot of time creating an underpainting.

(photo courtesy of Kathleen Trued)

We had a full classroom of people who signed up for this intensive 3-day workshop. Workshop attendee Kathleen Trued said:
Day 1 and 2 were pastel + alcohol underpainting; day 3 was watercolor underpainting with drips and splashes. The details of the painting were delicately inserted with edge of pastel for suggestion of tree trunks, branches and for foliage.

(photo courtesy of Kathleen Trued) 

Certainly Nancy's demo paintings were wonderful. We were fortunate to have her so relatively nearby, and to be willing to come down and teach for us.

(photo courtesy of Kathleen Trued) 

(photo courtesy of Kathleen Trued) 

Monday, March 13, 2017

A Fantastical Day

Those of us who made it to Fantasy Farms on March 4th had a really marvelous day. The weather was glorious for one thing, a tad cool in the morning, but warming to perfect. We've had lots of great plein air days in the our five years, but Fantasy Farms was definitely distinctive and unique. Thanks to Kevin Arthur for setting this up for us.

 It was definitely the sort of place that required a lot of wandering around to decide what should be painted. There were so many options.

This striking Chinese Golden Pheasant was sure a stand-out among the birds.

The llamas had such appealing faces.

They even had a cute little wallaby.

 Some folks got down to painting or drawing pretty quickly.

Others had to take a while to study the possible subjects.

It was a great place for taking lots of reference photos as well.

But eventually most folks settled down and chose subjects to paint.

And as you can see from some of these paintings from the morning there definitely was a wide range of interest in the choices that were made.

Ponte Vedra - Juried Show

The deadline is coming up for our Juried Show! Have you submitted your entries yet? If you haven't don't be embarrassed. I have not submitted mine yet either, LOL.

However the deadline of March 25 is fast approaching, and the deadline is even sooner if you have chosen to put your images on a CD and mail them rather than emailing the images to Carron.

Note that the blog has a button for payment for the show, and there are also links to the prospectus and the entry form which you should be able to print.

Whether you are mailing your images on a CD or emailing them there are rules to be followed for both naming your files and for sizing your files. Please read the prospectus carefully to make sure you understand what you are supposed to do. If you have questions please let us know. Let's get our entries in so we can have another awesome show.