Sunday, June 9, 2019

Tony Allain demo - time change

Some lucky folks are really looking forward to the Tony Allain workshop this coming Friday and Saturday. Tony comes to us all the way from England so it's quite a privilege to have him with us for a few days.

For those who are not attending the workshop Tony will be giving a demo for us on Sunday the 16th at 12 PM, so this will give everyone who wants a chance to see this wonderful artist.

NOTE: There has been a time change. The demo is now 12-2 PM instead of 1-3. Please note the new time

Ending the season

 President Carron Wedlund welcomed us all to our last meeting of the season before our summer break. We had a great turnout of about 27 people.

It was nice to see everyone to talk, and to take a look at the "flea market" items that other members had brought in to sell or even just give away. 

After the business meeting we went on to the day's event, the paint-around. Even though we had some 27 in attendance we was only 8 people volunteer for the paint-around, so we had lots of folks watching as we worked.

To recap how the paint-around worked, Carron selected four different photos as references for the event, and had two copies of each photo. We had two teams of four, on each side of the room. 

Each person chose a starting easel, and when the timer began had 15 minutes to get a start on the painting, based on the photo at their easel. When the timer went off each person shifted right one easel (with the person on the easel at the end right coming around to the first easel on the left) and got 15 minutes to work on the second painting, and then the third, and then the fourth.

After the fourth they came back around to their own original easel and had a last 15 minutes to make last minute changes to the painting they started with. Since each team worked from the same four references there were two paintings done of each photo, so it was lots of fun to see how the paintings came out. Here are the eight paintings from the paint-around, showing the different interpretations of the photos. At the end each artist got to keep the painting from their starting easel.

A good time was had by all, both the painters and the watchers! And then it was time for summer break. Some folks were headed off to the IAPS convention. Some looking forward to our upcoming workshop with Tony Allain, or the Tony Allain demo. Otherwise, see you in September.