Monday, May 6, 2013

Member Show - All the Entries

As promised, here are *all* the paintings entered into our Member Show. Pastels are a powerful and durable medium, but must be framed under glass to prevent smudging. Thus once they are framed it's hard to get a good photo without glare. Some of these paintings don't show here nearly as well as they do in life. But you can still get an idea of the great caliber of this show, and you'll just have to get to Reddi Arts to see them all in person. So here, in alphabetical order, is the show:

Lyn Asselta: "Straight up the Middle

Lyn Asselta: "Morning Walk"

Elaine Marie Austin: Untitled

Elaine Marie Austin:  "La Florida 500"
Note: what a shame you can't also read the Ode to Florida underneath the painting.

Jimmy Blackwell: "Unused, Needs a Fix-Up"

Jimmy Blackwell: "Haws Creek Preserve #1"

Janet Christenson: "Koi Pond"

Debbie Cusick: "Shall We Dance?"

Debbie Cusick: "Garden Surprise

Kim Daniel: "A Never-ending Muse

Kim Daniel: "613 Duval"

Kay Ellen Deuben:  "Sophie"

Kay Ellen Deuben: "Woody Go?

Jeannine Theri Dufour: "Northside View"

Jeannine Theri Dufour: "Finding a Niche"

Lisa Fiore: "Little Boy and Tall Trees"

Lisa Fiore: "Guard Tower"

Linda Green: "Mrs. Cummer's Vision"

Betsey Hogan: "Calico Queen"

Betsey Hogan: "Winter into Spring

Steve Johnson: "Into the Arboretum"

Steve Johnson: "Nature's Nuance

Richard Lundgren: "Solo Sax"

Richard Lundgren: "Lunch With a View"

Rick Petersen: "Morning Shadows

Rick Petersen: "Rain's Promise"

Jackie Piontek: "Marsh - Fort Mose"

Perry Russell: "Arms of a Florida Oak"

Perry Russell: "Saluda Serenity"

Christi Shatzel: "Summer Morning"

Carron Wedlund: "Morning Calm at Beaver Pond"

Carron Wedlund: "Marsh Waters"

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